Full range of manures


Balea Group offers traditional Bulgarian products, as well as imported products from the group of non-organic single-compounded and mixed manures, which contain basic food components:

– NPK, NP(S) different formulations with origin – Austria, Greece and Romania
– Urea from Romania, Russia, Egypt and Austria
– Monoammonium phosphate from Russia
– Diammonium phosphate from Morocco
– Ammonium nitrate from Georgia and Romania

Our main suppliers are:

– Agropolychim AD from Devnya
– Neochim AD from Dimitrovgrad
– Amonia from Slobozia, Romania
– Rulie Group from France
– Azomuresh from Târgu Mureș, Romania
– KBC Agro Bulgaria
– Linzer Agro Trade from Austria

In our production portfolio are included phosphorus, nitric, potassium and combined mineral manures, as well as organic mineral manures, soil improvers, non-organic manures with micro elements, liquid manures – compounds and suspensions, bacterial manures, improvers, compounds for independent usage or with given products.