Plant protection

The variety of the products for plant protection offered from us is in a large specter. With these first “helpers” of the farmers is aimed all the illnesses and enemies of the agricultural plants to be avoided. On the other hand, with  them is guaranteed bigger crop and the produced quality is quite higher.

Balea Group is on the Bulgarian market with brand new repellants for plant protection, which meet all  requirements set by the European Union. The plant protection with active substances has reached to its present level thanks to big resourced science developments,  which are well tested and are with proven high quality against pests. At the same time the repellants that we offer  are with friendly toxic profile for beneficial organisms, people, animals and the environment. All this is due to our successful work with the Israeli consortium ADAMA AGRICULTURAL SOLUTIONS LTD – manufacturer of products with proven quality and origin. Balea Group is an exclusive importer in Bulgaria of the Israeli giant in this field.Being one of the first companies on the market since 1989, who have business with plant protection “Baldjieva-91” Ltd. is market leader and a key distributor of BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Summi Agro.

Galigan 240 EC – 5L
– Herbicide for usage before and after the penetration of wide variety of broad-leaved and gramineous weeds;
– Emulsive concentrate, which contains 240 g/l of oxyfluorfen

Leopard 5 EC – 5L
– Selective leaf herbicide with systematic action during vegetation of broad-leaved cultures, against the one-year and multi-year gramineous weeds;
– Emulsive concentrate, which contains 50 g/l of quizalofop-p-ethyl.

Linurex 50 SC – 5L
– Selective, soil and leaved systematic herbicide against one-year broad-leaved and some gramineous weeds;
– Suspentional concentrate, which contains 500 g/l of linuron.

Bumper 25 EC – 1L
– Wide-specter systematic fungicide against mealy mildews on wheat-gramineous cultures.
– Emuslive concentrate, which contains 250 g/l of propiconazole.

Protector 6 FS – 1L and 5L
– Systematic fungicide for disinfection of seeds from wheat and barley against illnesses, which are spread through the soil, through the cover of the seed or through the seeds themselves.
– Contains 60 g/l of tebuconazole

Savage 5 FC – 1L and 5L
– Systematic fungicide for disinfection of  seeds from wheat and barley against illnesses, which are spread through the soil.
– Contains 20 f/l of tebuconazole + 30 g/l of imazalil.

Dynasty 25 EB – 1L
– Fungicide with systematic action against  phytopathology.
– Emuslive, contains 250 g/l of tebuconazole.

Sombrero 600 FS – 1L
– Insecticide for treatment of corn, sunflower, beet, cole and other seeds.
– Conatins 600 g/l of imidacloprid.

Vinostar WG – 10kg
– Contains : 113g/kg dymetomorph and 600g/kg folpet
– Fungicide against tomatoes and wine mildew
– Dose: 180g/dka

Kalif 480 EK – 1L and 5L
– Contains: 480 g/l Klomazon
– Herbicide against annual broadleaf weeds and volunteer cereals.
– Dose: oilseed rape- 20ml/dka

Sultan 500 SK – 5L
– Herbicide against Broadleaf and grass weeds
– Contains: 500 g / l metazachlor
– Dose: oilseed rape at 200 ml / dka

-Totalen Foliar systemic herbicide
– Contains: 360g / l glyphosate
– Dose: 400 – 1200 / dka

Roundup – 1, 5 and 200L.
We are a key distributor of products of some of the biggest companies, manufacturers of pesticides in the world.