Fruit Seed-bed

The fruit seed-bed of Balea Group is another one of our achievements, with which we are proud and we develop with enthusiasm, because it is one of the first specialized seed-beds in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. We concentrated our resources in qualified and experienced specialists, modern base and conditions, in order to maintain and to expand the high quality of the production, which we offer to our clients. The fruit seed-bed of Balea Group will present excellently raised and developed fertile trees from different types of pears, apples, quinces, cherries, apricots, peaches, black currants, roses, different types of creeping and garden plants. However, the dynamics of the market and the different preferences of the consumption determine the constantly changing assortments. That is why we advise you to contact one of the consultants of Balea Group, from whom you can receive detailed information of the assortments on hand.

The fruit seed-bed of Balea Group is located in 151 Stefan Peshev Street, Sevlievo (when entering the city from Sofia).
Telephone for information: 0888 887 125