25 Years Balea Group


Dear colleagues,

On 14.02. 2016 Balea Group celebrates quarter century of operating on the Bulgarian agricultural market. For us this is a long and difficult path strewn with heavy business, economic and political environment that is accompaning the entire agricultural sector for already 25 years.
A large part of this road was traveled along with you. Trying to be always near you to walk through this difficult path together. Thank you for your partnership.

In Balea Group we ask ourselves -are 25 years a lot or few? Do we did well and what are going to do from now on?

For us these past years are both much and little. There are many projects that we have implemented and we have gained a lot of exprecience. Many are the partners and friend thatwe won. However, 25 years are in some ways a small amount of time compared to the importance of this industry for the economy of each country.

Our goal was, is and will be to be as much as possible informed for the developments in technology, markets and products so that together we can meet the challenges by using the most efficient and modern plant protection products, high yield seeds and the best quality fertilizer solutions, which in turn are the most cost-effective to achieve maximum yield and financial dividends.
We express our gratitude to all our partners and supporters, with whome we contribute for a decent future.

Thank you!